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To reimagine how we learn on the internet and re-inventing how content “should” be distributed.

We’re on a mission to leave no story left untold…


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We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?

Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple Inc


PlayTru Media started as a simple “Blog Website” just like the millions of other websites on the internet. But we wanted more than just to be a blog website. We wanted to re-invent how people learn and grow.

Built by people who value “collective growth” above all, PlayTru Media exists for the sole purpose of leaving no story untold. We want to share perspectives, advice, and stories of present and emerging leaders in every sector.

By doing so, we strive to create a “Collective Conscious” – one where learning isn’t kept secret but is encouraged, a place where people from all sorts of backgrounds come together to write down their stories, their way. We just connect the dots…

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What's your story?

We’re part of the planet and as its inhabitants feel it our to be our duty to create a positive impact in the world. Telling stories is how we do that. Whether it’s out story or yours, everyone gets to speak and be heard at PlayTru Media.

Where do I send my story?

You can send us an email at zane@playtrumedia.com. Our team will see how you fit into our posting schedule and set something up.

Why do you feel like you need to create an "Impact"?

Everything we’re doing is to set up future generations for success. We feel this process is a learning experience in itself and we want to set a precedent for future generations to not shy away from collaboration and growth, but to feel inspired by it.

What's the meaning of "PlayTru"?

Frankly speaking – PlayTru is what people define it as. It has no “cookie-cutter” definition.

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