About Us

The Buyer of Today doesn’t give in to shady marketing tactics. They want something that Provides them Value and Adds to their Online Experience.

At PlayTru, we believe in Conceptualizing, Idealizing, and Realizing Content that offers Value to the Customer and creates meaningful relationships and enhances the online experience of our Customers
Modern Marketing uses Psychology to tap into the Minds of customers. More often than not, marketers find themselves using deceptive tactics in the wrong way.

The PlayTru Content Engine gives Customers EXACTLY what they want – Connection

Make the customer the "Hero" of your Story

Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer (MarketingProfs)

A Little Bit About Me

Hi there!
I’m Zane, Founder of PlayTru Media and a Digital Storyteller just like you…

I am a student of Chartered Accountancy but a Marketer, above all, a human, by choice. I believe each one of us has unique talents and different ways to express those talents. Some of us take to music while some take to writing while others to design.

HOWEVER! Not all of us have access to the platforms or the connections needed to be able to express those talents. Through PlayTru Media, I am serving not just people like you but the entire humanity. I am a strong proponent of doing what we love to do and using that to serve people. 

PlayTru is my passion child and I hope that through genuine connection, trust, & empathy, we all will be able to build a progressive, more tolerant world that recognizes our talents and guides us to our True North Star.

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