What do you do when your life seems to be making no progress at all? Maybe you’re making efforts that seem trivial and minor to you and they aren’t affecting your life’s trajectory as much as you expected. This is where the power of “Compounding” comes into play.

The idea that minor, trivial efforts lead to seemingly significant results can seem to be somewhat delusional, right? However, this “strategy” you may call it is something that actually takes note of data and is an advice that thousands of successful people follow. Now, success is what one may define it and isn’t exactly monetary always. But we’ll leave that to you. 

We’re excited to start off a new chapter in PlayTru Media’s journey by introducing a brand new “Book of the Month” series. This will be an on-going series and every month, we’ll introduce you to a new book that excites and teaches us something new about life. We hope to provide you with tremendous value and actually help you reset your life.

Compound your Life with “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is a book that we read last month and it’s safe to say that it left a lasting impression on us. With a no-nonsense, straightforward approach, Darren Hardy first sets the tone for the book by making it clear that our actions are what decide our future. The fact that what someone else thinks or does or says has no bearing on our path seems flawed as we all tend to listen to a second opinion or cave in when we face resistance. 

However, Darren makes it clear that the decisions that we make can be traced back solely to what we did in the past and how we behaved then. And it’s something that stuck with me right when I started reading this book. In life, we always look for the safest route and lay the blame on others for our own failures. Darren takes us back full square and pushes us to hold ourselves accountable and to take responsibility for our own actions. 

Starting off on that notion, it gave me a “clean slate” I’d say. Darren further builds up on that by bringing us closer to the tenets of “compounding” and the benefits it can provide us.

What is “Compounding” in reality?

Compounding is not a new concept that Darren came up with on the spot. It’s a well-known strategy in the financial industry. The fact that you can invest your money in let’s say a “mutual funds” account and that over the next 10 years – $1000 could turn into $10,000 – is nothing new for us. 

But what happens when we actually take compounding out of the financial industry and start applying it in our own lives? As James Clear writes in his own book “Atomic Habits” – 1% of Effort every day can lead to an improvement of 37% when compounded over a year.

There is a similarity between both James and Darren’s approach to compounding. James taught us The Compound Effect when it came to building habits. Darren does the same except he takes it one step further and pushes us to integrate it within our entire life, not just our habits.

Growing with PlayTru Media’s “Book of the Month” Club

Over the next three weeks, we’ll take you through a journey in which we’ll go over The Compound Effect one step at a time. We’ll start off by going over the fundamentals of Compounding, what it is, how to use it, and where it works. 

After that, we’ll go over some of the analogies that Darren uses in his book and help you implement them within your own life. 

Lastly, we’ll focus on making this journey as practical and action-oriented as possible. We’ll provide short lists of tasks that you can perform along the way, questions that you should answer, as well as provide you with resources that will help you get started with compounding your life. 

If you want us to go over one of your favorite books, a book that you feel can add a lot of value to people’s lives, make sure to email us at zane@playtrumedia or leave a short comment under this blog post.