Are entrepreneurs born? Or is it something that is nurtured over time? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

Moving forward from the previous article where we discussed whether Entrepreneurship can be taught using conventional means of education, we now discuss another dilemma that so many people face:

  • Are we entrepreneurs by birth? Or
  • Do we nurture entrepreneurship throughout life?

Forbes certainly thinks so but they expand on the topic by saying that successful entrepreneurs have certain traits but it’s how they “use those traits that define their success”. We agree with these statements 100%. Everyone, regardless of their background, has a set of innate characteristics that can be used for good. However, learning to use those characteristics to one’s benefit is what separates the sheep from the goats.

It depends on a multitude of factors such as:

Surround yourself with people who empower and teach you

How to build a Social Circle?
How to Build a Social Circle?

The importance of healthy surroundings cannot be ignored. An Entrepreneur relies on this circle in order to grow, survive, and even for emotional support. In your social and professional circle, you need to have a healthy balance of people who offer the following things:

  • Advice
  • Motivation
  • Passion

According to Modern Impact, your “social circle influences the decisions you make and inspires you to do your best.” If you have friends who only bring negativity to the table, then you will start acting negatively. If you have friends who empower you and help you find your best version, you will go out determined to make an impact.

Erica Venton, in her research paper titled, “The Isolation Impact” for the Michigan State University – in which 1600 undergrads were studied over the course of 12 years writes, “There was one characteristic that distinguishes the happiest 10% from everybody else – the strength of their social relationships.”

When people have strong bonds that motivate them, re-energize them and create that vigor in them, they can confidently go out and find the energy to work on their goals and aspirations.

Once again, focus on building a social circle that “inspires, motivates, and educates.”

Entrepreneurship can be nurtured by our education systems

How to teach Entrepreneurship the right way...
How to teach Entrepreneurship the right way…

We spend our entire learning years in schools. Education systems have a direct influence over nurturing the relevant traits that bring success in life. Consciously and subconsciously, there are a lot of qualities that schools and colleges help inculcate in us. But those qualities need to be imparted in a collaborative way – that is both the student and the teacher need to have open channels for communication and feedback.

Even though entrepreneurship isn’t a subject yet in colleges, colleges worldwide are working on adapting conventional means of education to better relate to the dynamic demands of said entrepreneurs. You, as an entrepreneur, can contribute to this change by consulting colleges or even starting your own blog.

We have identified three key areas that education systems need to work on in order to adapt to such demands:

  • Integrate theory with practical work
  • Make it a collaborative effort
  • Provide on-going support to people who have innovative ideas

Family support for an entrepreneur cannot be understated

A supportive family is what builds a home
A supportive family is what builds a home

Parents are the first form of education for anyone. They’re the first ones to notice our talents and so understandably, there needs to be a platform that allows them to nurture those qualities in advance.

The one variable commonly seen in the relationship between family dynamics and entrepreneurship is the appetite for risk. People coming from a high-quality background are more entrepreneurial given their sense of security stemming from a wealthy background. They don’t have to push for resources because they’re already there.

People who lack such resources avoid entrepreneurial activities because of the circumstances they find themselves in – whether the lack of financial resources, education, etc. However, provided the right conditions to thrive in, these people can often upset the typical social hierarchy and become successful due to sheer willpower.

Entrepreneurs need to have a robust mentality

Entrepreneurs need to have a robust mentality
Entrepreneurs need to have a robust mentality

Mindset, in our opinion, is the most crucial factor to a successful life. For people who lack resources yet still find astounding success, it’s the mindset nurtured in them that yields such results. For individuals with a wealthy background but who fail in business endeavors, it’s often that fragile mentality nurtured throughout their childhood.

The Entrepreneurship Learning Institutes defines an entrepreneurial mindset as “a cognitive belief system consisting of interrelated beliefs, assumptions, and knowledge, that we use to process information, inform our decisions, and guide our behavior.

They expand on this mindset by sharing these key differences that differentiate an entrepreneur:

  • These individuals take ownership of their lives
  • Are independent and spontaneous
  • Have a knack for creativity, curiousity, and crictical thinking


Whatever the circumstances may be, an entrepreneur will always have these characteristics that will need to be nurtured. If you are one such individual who wants to take ownership of life and want to work on your dreams, consider subscribing to the PlayTru Media Newsletter.

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